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RSO changed my life

Hello! I wanted to write a quick email to reach out about my experience with your products so far. I'm a long time WA resident and have been a regular to heavy user of MJ for about 12 years and began exploring CBD and RSO variants this past year after a life changing knee surgery. In addition to anxiety relief and help with focus, I was looking for pain relief since I suffer from chronic knee pain.


After trying numerous CBD tinctures, flower, concentrates, topicals, etc. etc. I more recently ventured to the RSO side and have placed a large focus on exploring the numerous ratio's and companies producing high quality product that, for me, is my prefered medicine.


Now the good stuff - I recently tried several of your RSO products, and while they were awesome and fun to take, your 3:1 Durga Mata II CBD RSO literally changed my life. I've been taking regular doses for the past month and have noticed decreased anxiety, reduced pain, increased focus, energy, happiness, less stress and the best part ..... I don't feel high when taking my normal dose (so I can take this at work!).


After reading your company page and learning about your team, I'd love to further discuss my experiences with the RSO and the medical professionals on your team. I come from a large family made of Dr's, nurses and dentists, including one in the cannabis industry in Oregon, and am extremely interested in the medical side of the cannabis business. I don't believe there is a way for me to purchase qty without a retail license, given the concentration of THC within the RSO, however if I had one I'd probably buy all of your stock!


Again, I'd love to connect sometime to further discuss my experiences and your company. Thanks so much for producing such an awesome product, and please don't stop making the 3:1 Durga Mata CBD RSO... also you should add it as an option to your product section of this web page :)           -Chris

Hello, I've been using your RSO products, they are excellent! Where can I buy the topical MetaHeal? I am in West Seattle, I buy your RSO products at Origins.

Thanks for your help!       -Malayka

I have been using the 24:1 and the 1:1 to alleviate the effects of Chemo therapy for liver cancer. I really appreciate your product. I looked all over for the right kind. I finally found your product at Green tiki in Kingston. They said your going to have a shortage I am looking for the 1:1 indica that has been my favorite so far. Is there any way I can secure a good amount of your 1:1?    Thank you,      -Matt

Hello, I met you when I worked at sparket & I am the biggest fan of your products...I just wanted to say that if you ever want any help in any area really I'd love to work with you. You're one of the few honest, clean, & scientific companies out here & I hugely appreciate it. Also, I regularly recommend your topical & RSO to people and want to know where to send them. Do you have options in any of the port Townsend or hadlock shops? Thanks & have a great day    - Jess

Your RSO is King!

Aloha from Kingston I have 3 seriously injured discs, all with large bones spurs, so am in constant pain. I take hydrocodone, muscle relaxers, edibles, smoke Indica. Ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol, analgesics and nothing manages my pain very well. Especially the deep burning pain that feels like it comes from inside the bones and keeps me awake until sunrise on bad nights. Then I discovered your RSO (cbd -green pack) and my life has changed. Nothing will ever be a fix all, but after my first application I began to feel better. By my 3rd - 4th dose, I felt like I had a new back. My pain has been reduced significantly, my attitude has improved and my range of motion and flexibility are greater due to the lack of pain that usually diminishes these actions. Instead of feeling like I have sharp ground glass & fire in my back, after taking your RSO, I feel like the fire has been put out and the glass edges are now worn smooth and no longer sending crazy electrical charges up my back that about drop you to your knees. As well, my back joints feel like they have been lubricated and it's easier to walk, sit, stand and bend over. I also sleep much better. I have gotten to the point that my pain was getting so bad, I was considering shots or an operation as was concerned how many more years I could walk without the pain being too debilitating. Your RSO has given me a life of manageable pain and there are even times I forget I have a bad back. Your RSO is that good and I thank you!

I discovered a great way to take your RSO due the powerful earthy taste. I just dab some of the oil on a Altoids mint and slip it under my tongue to dissolve. Yum! Please continue to create and produce more top shelf products.      -Don

Bought RSO at Chimacum Cannabis Co in Chimacum. My husband has cancer and I suffer from PTSD. All the chemicals the doctors prescribed us made both our symptoms as bad as our diagnosis's. After using the RSO, my husbands symptoms, such as nausea and pain from the chemo are greatly reduce it to the point he is able to work and not need to go on disability. For me, the reduction of anxiety and paranoia - it's like I have a new lease on life. Anyone reading this, please give it a try. I've heard that it treats a lot of other things too, or at least helps a lot of other diseases besides cancer and PTSD. We're using it for life, it's like a miracle!!       -Rochelle

I tried your MetaHeal Salve.  I was thinking since my psoriasis was gone after light therapy I would wait a number of months to try it.  When I got home last Thursday I went in to start my motorcycle, hadn’t ridden in the three weeks we were gone.  Well after running it for a while I shut it down and proceeded to burn my leg on the muffler (Wearing shorts).  I remember you said it was also for burns so I rubbed some on with absolutely no immediate reaction.  I left it and did nothing else. a very short time later I realized I had no more pain on the burn spot.  It is still a little red but healing great, been using the salve everyday.  My wife said your burn is still showing but really I never felt anymore pain at all and its healing great.  I also had a very dry scaly spot in my ear, Donna has been putting cream on it for awhile to no avail.  So after I put the salve on my leg burn I took some more (these are small amounts on leg and ear) and put it in my ear.  This morning the dry spot (Dry scaly hard itchy) is 100% gone, the spot is soft and no itching.  

Thank you that is great stuff.      -Gerry

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