MetaHeal Lotion is a holistic hemp based nanoemulsion topical formulated with the perfect balance of ingredients for healthy skin and relief. It is processed using ultrasonic technology which signicantly reduces droplet size, enabling hemp based cannabinoids to more effectively penetrate the outer layer of skin and directly target endocannabinoid receptors.  It has a nice smooth consistency, not too thick and not too thin, for easy application.  It absorbs quickly so that you're not left with a greasy, sticky residue and it's made with moisturizing herbs!  The herbs we use are willow bark, and arnica.  Each herb has so much to offer.  Willow bark contains salicin--a very similar anti-inflammatory agent that you would find in aspirin and arnica is great for relieving stiffness and lots of other things.  What is more, the nanoemulsion will aid the delivery of these compounds past the outer layer of skin so they don't just passively sit on the surface.


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MetaHeal Lotion - 60 g

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