Brain Extraordinaire!

Certain cannabinoids may improve brain health. Combining brain-friendly cannabis, along with a brain-healthy lifestyle will allow you to enjoy the wide range of benefits cannabis offers, while maximizing the power of your brain and even reverse current cognitive deficits, creating a brain extraordinaire! What about those studies saying cannabis kills brain cells? Some studies show cannabis kills brain cells and some studies show cannabis having no effect on brain cells or cognitive function. So what is the truth and what can one do to protect the brain, just in case? The truth may lie somewhere between these two opposing views. And those views showing the harmful effects of cannabis may be

Top-Down Ecological Agriculture: How healthy plants can reverse climate change and make you more mon

The issue of the day is climate change. That is what we should all be thinking about. As cannabis growers we are growing the most lucrative, and possibly the most beneficial to society, crop on this planet and it is our responsibility to use this plant for good, not just gain. Its benefit extends beyond its end-use. The way it is grown can also be highly restorative for this planet. The way we grow our plants can strengthen and add resilience to the ecosystem in which it is grown which then creates a cascading effect not only sequestering carbon but also creating healthier plants which in turn leads to healthier people and a healthier society. Most of us have caught on to the idea that growi

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