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Water Soluble RSO

It took years of R&D to find a healthy and safe alternative to most other water-soluble nanoemulsified tinctures on the market today that use either harsh preservatives or toxic polysorbates.  But we did it!  And our plant-based water soluble nanoemulsion is the result.  We have developed a natural, plant-based nanoemulsion so that the medicine you take is safe.  Formulated by a nurse with your health in mind.  No harsh preservatives or toxic polysorbates.  With our products you can take comfort in knowing your medicine is both safe and effective.  Your health is our highest priority!  Our water-soluble tincture can be taken directly or mixed in your favorite drink or cocktail.  On an empty stomach, you should feel the effects within 15-25 minutes.  Our water-soluble tincture not only has a very fast onset of action, it also allows for more accurate dosing of your medicine and is so much easier to work with than sticky, gooey RSO, plus it tastes much better.  This formula was carefully designed by a nurse who regards your health as the highest priority.  At Discovery Garden we only sell what we ourselves and our family consume.

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