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Tami is a registered nurse, cannabis health writer and educator, and the President of Discovery Garden, Inc. She has spent her professional life helping others achieve the highest level of health possible. And at the same time finding ways to help the environment. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cannabis medicine.

Marketing, Treasurer, Grower

Colum is a nurse anesthetist and the Treasurer of DG Cannabis. Colum oversees all aspects of the business. As a medical professional he is well informed of the medicinal aspects of cannabis. Between giving anesthesia and running a business he stays quite busy.

John Dixon

Apprentice Grower

John Dixon graduated from West Ranch High School, with a Theatre Arts certificate. John moved to Port Townsend after falling in love with Twin Peaks and the pacific northwest. John has a keen interest in cannabis as an alternative medicine and its cultivation.  He's been an active part of the growing at Discovery Garden from propagation through harvest. When John isn’t working at Discovery Garden, he spends his time with reading and creative writing.


Sceloporus occidentalis

Larry the Western Fence Lizard and all his cousins and friends work very hard at Discovery Garden, at least in the summer.  They consume all kinds of cannabis eating pests like aphids and mites, and while we did not plant Larry and his buddies in our garden we're sure glad they decided to move in. 


Pseudacris regilla

Felicia is a Northern Pacific Treefrog.  When crawling around the garden tending to the plants you are likely to find Felicia or one of her family contently sitting under the cannabis canopy waiting for their next meal to come by.  Like Larry, Felicia eats a wide variety of insects.

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